Time To Ditch My Comfort Suit




I don’t know if you remember a while ago I wrote a blog about being exactly where you are supposed to be……well I am experiencing another one of these moments. My working hours have been reduced significantly and my income will be cut a significant amount.  So yet again my head is feeding me all sorts of negative noise. “You will have less money” ” You can’t spend money on the children like you used too” “They will miss out” blah blah!!

So I could begin to panic and get stressed, well actually if I am being honest I did for a few days then I sat down and looked at it with a different head on. I began to look at what things would need to change and how to go about doing so without too much impact on the family. While doing so it became clear that I would also have more time to focus on me and my needs and wants.

Having my hours reduced gives me the time to really get my act together and start coaching, a passion that I have been working on slowly and quietly for more than a year! My excuse has been I don’t have enough time, with being a mum, and ,working more or less full time. Well guess what Pauline…. you have now! I will have a full free day to start coaching and I mean really coaching. No more hiding behide my Facebook page and website. It’s time for me to get visible and to reach out to the people I want to support and motivate to make positive choices in their lives.


So am I excited I hear you ask! Yes but…. why the hell am I almost resuming the flight mode position? Because I know again I will be out of my comfort zone and boy I know how much I hate that feeling. But in order for me to grow and develop personally and to fulfil a passion inside of me                                                                                                            I need to unlock the door of fear that is holding me back.                             I need to unlock the door of the need for perfection that is holding me back.                                                                                                                        I need to unlock the door of what others think of me, that is holding  me back.



What doors could you unlock?

Remember anything is possible!

Pauline 💫