Pajamas All Day


If you were asked to look back on your life last week, would you be able.  to list all the things you did? All the places you had to be, the people you had to meet,  shopping, housework, meetings…… Did you juggle family, work, childcare along with all your usual daily stuff? I bet you did! We are really quite amazing people, who really don’t give ourselves much credit for all the things we do. We simply see them are just the run of the mill stuff, no big deal.

Life has become so busy. When was the last time we really had quiet, uninterrupted time for ourselves? I certainly can’t remember!

When we get a pain in an area of our body, it’s usually a sign of wear and tear, that we are overdoing it and need to rest, slow things down. Well the same applies to our mental and emotional wellbeing. If we are starting to feel stressed, that the littlest things are becoming overwhelming, we feel exhausted, then please let’s start to listen to our mind, it’s trying to protect us.


There are no prizes, no medals or certificates for last one standing! We don’t have to be constantly doing things 24/7. It’s not a sign of weakness to take necessary time for ourselves.

Lets remind ourselves the PJ days are okay. That having the day off, will do us so much good. Take time out and do things you know that will aid your emotional and mental needs.


Recharge, refocus and restart over again, only when we are ready!

Anything is possible!

Pauline 💫