Lights! Camera! Confidence!

Recently I have been doing a lot of personal development, which I am finding so motivating but also sometimes challenging.

One thing I have been working on, is getting more visible in my coaching business, which means putting myself out there, getting my message out about how I can help others to take action in any area of their life. Sometimes you might just need a little tweak here and there!

My hurdle that I jumped yesterday was making a quick video of me talking about Motivating Mama, about where my coaching is at, what my plans were etc…. So I turn on my IPAD and press record and I start talking. I am already aware of the sound and tone of my voice and its causing me to rabble on, (broad Glaswegian accent) I am conscious of my face ( I look tired) my hair….lets not even go there! Argh!! take 2, 3, 4, 5 until the 6th time and something in me says “just get on with it” “just do it Pauline” So I did and then I clicked upload and off it went. I had no sooner hit the send button when I began trying to somehow retrieve the video back. What would people think about me? What about my voice? I look different on video! But then I got this feeling from within, a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of bravery, of confidence. Why? because I took action, I showed up and I am certainly more visible now!


A month ago I honestly would not have attempted this.

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking that its no big deal, but it was my big deal.

We all have our own fears and thoughts that stop us from doing stuff, simple every day tasks can seem impossible to do.

Think about the things we avoid through lack of confidence.

Think about what we are missing out on by staying still and not stepping forward.

What opportunities have we let slip away through lack of confidence and fear of what others think of us?

step 4ward

I often think how amazing it would be to go back to being a child for one day and experience life without any complication, without the ‘what if’s’. To do things without thinking what others might think about me and to focus on just the present moment, nothing more.

child crown

So if I can do confidence then let me tell you so can you! 

If you want to find out more on how to increase your confidence or to take action in any other area of you life, then please drop me an email at 

Lets start tiptoeing together!

Anything is possible!

Pauline x