First Take Care Of Yourself

First Take Care of Yourself

The second we think about doing something for ourselves the guilt kicks in! It wouldn’t be right to spend time on our ownselves, what about the kids!

It can be so challenging not to lose yourself in the process when taking care of everyone else around you. Your children, your husband/partner, family members, friends….

If we are exhausted, stressed to the max or even unhappy, then how can we possibly give joy, comfort and support to those around us ? It’s impossible!

Even though we are led to believe that it is selfish to make ourself happy first, before others. It’s actually not selfish.

If your happy, then the people around you that you love and care for will naturally get the knock on effect from it.

Here Jada Pinkett-Smith talks about taking care of you first.



With kindness

Pauline x