When we stop allowing limiting chat to shape our thinking, only then will we progress.

We are only human and no matter how confident we may feel, our limiting chat will set out on its own personal mission to attempt to stop us in our tracks. How we react is the important part. Do we turn away and stay in our comfort zone or do we get out and kick some butt!

Do you recognised some of these limiting chats you have had in the past?

Are you still having them?I can’t be happy because life’s not fair. Change that thought!

I’ve already made my choices. My hands are tied now. You have choices!

I’m too messed up; I’ve been through so much! Fix it!

I don’t deserve success or happiness because… Who says you don’t deserve happiness?

I’m not good enough. Even if I try, I’ll probably fail. Better to say you tried than not!

My parents really screwed me up by…Your past doesn’t have to determine your future!

I can’t change because I always find a way to mess things up. Learn from any mistakes!

I always make the “wrong” decisions in life. You might not!

Things never work out for me, no matter what I do. How do you know it wont work this time?

I’m not smart (or talented or brave or…) Make a list of all the things you have one, achieved. Do it now!


Change your thoughts, change your life!


Anything is possible

Pauline ✴