imageSo this morning this song popped into my head and it got me thinking….

Throughout our life we experience so many different encounters, some are good positive ones and some as not so good.  The good experiences are great, we can take from them everything that is helpful and we can apply the positive learning over and over again throughout our lives. But! What about the negatives experiences? If  like me, over the years you have built up a defence towards anything that has caused you pain? I certainly have! We will have applied lots of layers of life on top of these experiences, to help us cope, to avoid pain, to stop us thinking about them. The deeper we bury them, the less chance they will ever re-appear!??

So what happens to these experiences? Well they become deep rooted in our sub conscious and when it comes  to making decisions, choices these hidden experiences/memories will play a huge part on that decision we will make or perhaps not make. It’s not obvious to us at the time and it’s only when we are reflecting, or when we are playing our story over in our head, that we get angry or annoyed that we didn’t take action, we didn’t say what we wanted to say or  we didn’t grab the opportunity that was there for the taking!  These buried memories will start to make us doubt ourselves and what we have to offer in this world. We will miss out on life if we don’t deal with what’s holding us back….

But I want to remind you of this! Every single one of us is unique! YOU will have something that each of us don’t have. YOU will have a certain talent, a skill, a way you do something, that even if we all tried to copy YOU, we would fail, it wouldn’t be the same.
Beneath all those layers of life, remember YOU are beautiful!
Go do beautiful things with your talent today. I promise it will have an amazing effect on your day, your mood, your life and the lives of others around you.

Anything is possible!


Pauline x