Focus on your Progress



Today I am reaching out to any mums who are suffering from Postnatal Depression just now or who have suffered PND and still feel quite fragile. Or if you are a husband, partner or family member of someone with PND, then this might be helpful for you too.

Sometimes with PND we can’t see any improvement in our recovery, it can seem as though there is a constant heavy cloud above us all day, never moving always there! Simple things that made us smile no longer bring us any enjoyment or contentment. It’s almost like ‘groundhog day!’

So today I thought it would be good to give you access to what I like to call my  daily “coping activities” These are simple but effective things you can do daily, to see just how much you are improving. By doing these steps you will start to become much more aware of these improvements and you will begin to learn what things triggers your mood in a negative way but also in a positive way too.

Like everything we do, it takes effort and practise before we start to see  the benefit.



Please stick with them.!

I’d love to know if you feel any benefit of them.

Be Kind To Yourself!