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Anxious about a driving test? Exams? Job Interview? You can tackle these obstacles and any future obstacles with ease.


Exams? Worried about work? Getting married? These are hurdles you can overcome. Find out how.


Scared of mice? Snakes? Flying? Get in touch now to overcome phobias! Stop fear ruling your life!


Suffering from Post Natal Depression? No-one to turn to? You are not alone. Let me help you out the sense of despair

About me

My name is Pauline, I live in Glasgow with my husband John with my 2 lovely gremlins called Ryan (9) and Eva (2).
My interest in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) started when I was still going through the recovery process with my second episode of Post Natal Depression (PND) and an advert for a Transformation Day with The Scottish Centre of NLP caught my eye.
I realised that I needed something, as I no longer recognised the Pauline I knew and liked. I had become very fragile, and my confidence and self-esteem had taken one almighty knock! My fears had heightened and life felt like it was put on hold. The only way I can describe it was me looking at my old self from the bottom of a mountain or a set of never ending stairs. I seemed so far away, like I was almost out of my reach. I wondered how I could ever get that version of me back.
But thankfully I did, through determination, focus and NLP.
By using the NLP skills, I was able to revisit any experience that I found was causing me anxiety or stopping me from growing and I could apply a more positive outcome to what I was experiencing at that moment I went onto complete a life-changing NLP Practitioner Course in October 2014, which challenged my fears, insecurities, life experiences, that I now know were holding me back.
My eyes were truly opened and one thing I now know is that we all have choices and options.
I believe you can change the way you think, see and do things. ​ ​​

Who wouldn’t want that opportunity?

What I do and how I do it

​Everything begins with a free ​30 min. intro session.

Over phone or over Skype.
This is to go over your needs, and ensure that you are getting the best you can.This session may even mean realising that I am not the practioner for you, and I have no issues about referring you to someone more appropriate.
​​My objective is to ensure you are getting the best opportunity to make the changes you want to make.

​Issues that can be dealt with by NLP include:

Exam stress
Self Esteem

​​You can book your free 30 minute session

By clicking above, or by emailing mail@motivatingmama.co.uk with your name, contact details, and a description of what you want to achieve, and which times would suit you.
I will get back to you as soon as I can to confirm.

Sessions at your convenience

​​Sessions can take place via Skype, your home (depending on location, I am based near the West End of Glasgow), or from another location suitable to both of us.


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